Unique Silver jewellery Owl Necklace Pendant Nature Jewelry 999 Fine Silver


This delicate jewelry could be a nice addition to your every day outfit.
Hand sculpted, handcrafted and oxidised pendant made of 999 Fine Silver which is pure silver (99,9% silver).


This large pendant is about 3.5cm tall and 2cm across.
Weight is about 7 – 8g
Silver plated snake chain is 45cm.

We can personalize this pendant with your initials and date. Please give us the information on the order form.

Please note, this pendant is not machine made but all made by hand, so each may have slight variations.

Comes in a small gift box.


Product Description

This unique handmade silver jewelry could be a nice addition to your everyday outfit. Get ready for complements!

This pendant depicts a beautiful and realistic owl bird.

Owls live within the darkness, which includes magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge. Related to the night is the moon, which owls are also connected to. It becomes a symbol of the feminine and fertility, with the moon’s cycles of renewal. The mythology relates owl to this wisdom and femininity.