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4 Goldfish shaped tea bags Earl Grey & Herbal tea selection


4 goldfish tea bags

Our handmade tea bags look just like goldfish when soaked in hot water. When the color of the tea inside of the bag dyes the water, the goldfish tea bags become very realistic.

This imaginative design will definitely add some style to your next cup of tea. Would make a great addition to your tea party.

Goldfish is a symbols of good fortune and wealth. They are known to have been figures of prosperity and success. Good idea for a gift for someone special.


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  1. Earl Grey tea + Sunflower petals, Peppermint, Blackcurrant leaf, Rose petals, Thyme, Melissa, Raspberry leaf, Blackberry leaf.
  2. Earl Grey + Rose petals.

Use one bag per mug (250ml). Add freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 5 minutes. Leave the teabag in your cup while drinking. You can use the same tea bag for the second cup, just add freshly boiled water again.

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Earl Grey & Herbal, Earl Grey & Rose petals


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