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The story of Nine Herbs.

My adventure with herbal tea started at the ripe age of 14 years. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a youth archaeological expedition in what used to be the Bohai kingdom on the edge of China and Russia. This kingdom existed between 698 AD to 926 AD, so it was sure to be an interesting trip.



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My school friend and I were accepted as cooks while 16 boys did the excavation work. The goal of the trip was to excavate rare artefacts from the ancient village itself. It was such a fascinating time! We cooked meals on an open fire living in tents far away from Morden world. It was certainly an unforgettable 3 weeks which would have a big impact on my life.







Amongst the things found were Turkic belt plaques, bronze buttons and bracelets, numerous articles of iron, etc. This was all fascinating, but my real focus quickly became the daily life of this lost civilization; what they eat and drank… what household items did they have? I realized that ancient knowledge was a lot more refined and developed than we usually think of it, so I started to collect old recipes (particularly for herbs) that these people used in their everyday life. Awareness of medicinal plants usage is a result of the many years of struggles against illnesses due to which man learned to pursue drugs in barks, seeds, fruit bodies, and other parts of the plants.

There have been examples of how herbs and spices have been used in all parts of the world including mentions in the Bible and other religious documents. In Homer’s epics The Iliad and The Odysseys, created circa 800 BC, 63 plant species from the Minoan, Mycenaean, and Egyptian Assyrian pharmacotherapy were referred to. Some of them were given the names after mythological characters from these epics; for instance, Elecampane (Inula helenium L. Asteraceae) was named in honor of Elena, who was the centre of the Trojan War. As regards the plants from the genus Artemisia, which were believed to restore strength and protect health, their name was derived from the Greek word artemis, meaning “healthy.”






I found the entire genre extremely fascinating…how medicine existed in nature before modern medicine even became a possibility. The benefits of one society were passed on to another, which upgraded the old properties, discovered new ones, continuing on to today.  The continuous interest in medicinal plants has brought about today’s modern and sophisticated fashion of their processing and usage.

Due to my interest in this topic, I have created my business and this website so that other people fascinated by herbal therapy and all of its chronic and everyday needs can find a space to learn and enjoy what they see and taste. Here I want to share my recipes that have been taken from those created centuries ago and spiced up to meet today’s taste buds. I am very excited to share this all with you.

Maria Hoey

Founder of (Nine Herbs)

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